Sunday 20 January 2019

Day 55 - Done

A nice few days of rest, however I am excited to get into the garage again tomorrow morning. Letting my weight training slip for a few years has really demonstrated one thing - use it or lose it. I’m not suggesting I’ve lost a load of muscle mass (not that I was large or in charge before I stopped) but I do know that I’ve lost about half of my strength. Half. In thirty years that could be the difference between falling and damaging only my ego, or falling and breaking a hip.

I was very exited to get my new car. I was not so excited to find out that the insurance company who sold it to the auctions, didn’t supply the logbook with it. The impact for me is that I cannot tax it and although it is insured, it cannot be driven. Sad face, because I really want to drive it.

Anyway, day fifty five of one hundred and thirty four is now completed. This week I am taking the calories down to a deficit of 15%. I felt that today and whilst it will be managable, I know I am going to feel that this week.

Protein was a little higher than it should have been today.


Last night I sleep for 8:54 minutes again. This was the exact same amount as the night before. I awoke to my weight being up to 94kg. That’s ok, I have a feeling this week I will tickle the mark.


My ketones measured in at 1.3 today.


I’m in London this week and that will mean I have the challenge of finding a workout that I can do in a Travel Lodge. I think I will see what I can dig out from Steve Maxwell. He does a lot of that kind of thing.

As for the micro workouts, this week I think I will do wall sits. I know I am going to be spending time in places where I do not want to touch the toilet floor, so wall sits make sense.

Last week I got my plank from just being able to crack out 30 seconds, to being able to go for a minute.

Now I must sleep, tomorrow morning I squat.

Καλό απόγευμα.