Friday 18 January 2019

Day 53 - Done

Breath, Let’s talk about breath. Specifically Keto breath because It is horrible. It smells like stale biscuits and it tastes so much worse.

As someone big on breath hygiene, the breath is an issue. No polos, no mints because they all have sugar. Lemon juice helps, but thats super alkaline and I’d have to be brushing my teeth after each dose.

I will survive. Not sure about those around me though.

Food today was good. Unlike my breath. I am chomping at the bit to get downstairs and eat those delicious wasabi peas. Their magical taste sensation. Anything except this breath. Maybe even old used slippers


My sleep was good but broken in two, for reasons I’ll go into in about six weeks. I awoke to one again meet the pre-christmas low point of 93.4kg.


Ketones are at 1.5. Breath is at max awful.


Planks were good today, I got an extra minutes worth in. Not only that but also got them up to one minute. Not bad progression for one week. I’m really liking the little micro-workouts in the toilets. To think that I’ve racked up 20 minutes of planking in time that will not be missed (i.e an extra minute at the toilet) is amazing. I am not sure what I will do next week. I think I will go back to press-ups. I need the work on them.


The rice cooker just clicked off (that would be for Jo, not me) and that means that it is time to go and eat some tasty AF thai food. Just have to cook it first. Amazingly, almost 8.5 years later [I am still cooking my thai curry][1] in mostly the same way. I have plans to update this receipe soon. Magical, magical plans.

First I need rid of this breath. Shit breath.