Wednesday 16 January 2019

Day 51 - Done

Jo’s going to needle and gua-sha my dodgy foot in 40 minutes. I’ve got a knot on the inside of the right leg, just above my ankle. I’m very grateful that I have that on demand. Very lucky I am.

Food today was, well, food. Actually I am doing myself a dis-service, the mackerel, spinach and mozzarella with chipotle flakes was delicious.


I did not get my targeted sleep last night, as we went to be too late because we were listening to a book about sleep. Humans can be stupid. Weight was up a bit also.


Ketones were 1.1. No sight of last weeks high of 2.3


Todays workout was all dumbbell based and is all about high-reps, low weight. But due to the high reps I ended up moving 4975kg in total volume. I will post my programming over the weekend and rationalise it so the internet can tell me I’m wrong.

I also managed to get in another 4 mins and 22 seconds of micro-workouts when I went to the toilets. So far this week I have spent 12 minutes in planks that I would not have otherwise performed. Not bad. You can also see how quickly that number goes up, even though I am generally more sore today than I was yesterday.


I am also excited for tomorrow as I get a new old car. Behold. This one has apple carplay and a subwoofer. Amazing.