Tuesday 15 January 2019

Day 50 - Done

Fifty days! Time does fly.

Todays food was ok, lunch was miles better without the peppers. I don’t like raw peppers. Not sure why I thought I could get away with them. The smoked mackeral and mozzerella is surprisingly good. The spinach leaves my teeth feeling odd. That’s ok though, I never leave home without a tooth brush and tooth paste. Top tip for you all.


My weight was down to the lowest it has been so far - 93.5kg. I do regret not measuring my waist from the start of this. I will introduce a weekly waist measurement. Everything is looser around the waist. It’s not really a weight I am aiming for, it’s a composition change and getting into my smaller underwears.

I managed 8 hours and 13 mins of sleep. Waking up was super hard. Tomorrow I am reverting to my trick of keeping a caffeine shot next to my bed. As soon as the 5:15 alarm goes off, I will do two things. One, neck the caffeine and two press snooze. Fifteen minutes later I will emerge and ready to do battle.


Ketones were up to 1.6. Breath was max revolt. I honestly feel for the people I work with.


In the lol category: I managed four deadlifts of 100kg this morning. 4 × 100kg. I used to be able to clean and press that. It’ll come back, but it is a very humbling. Note to future self: DO NOT STOP LIFTING –MORON.

In the bonus microworks, today I also managed another four minutes of planks and I hit some new goals. Working out in the toilet sounds stupid, but all the small things add up. A crude extrapolation of this data would suggest that if I done four mins day for five days a week, that would be twenty mins of planking per week. If I alternated press-ups and planks then I’d get in 26 weeks of that a year. Thats 8.6 hours of planking per year. Anyone’s core would thank them for that.


Now I must go and prepare tomorrows food, get out my clothes, listen to some more of what has come to be known as “The Sleep Book” and be in bed before 9:15 so I can get my eight hours in.