Monday 14 January 2019

Day 49 - Done

I regret putting red pepper in my lunch. Because I do not like red pepper. I thought I would magically like it. I did not.

The rest of the food was fine, thought I did take a rain check on the sprouting broccoli. I will eat that on Thursday. The new additions to the spreadsheet (the sparklines) are very helpful. Visualising each meal in a macro ratio helps.


I received a good 8.5 hours of sleep and awoke to a weight increase. An increase that was correlated against the increase in sleep from the previous night. I understand the complexity of these mechanics and I am no suggesting that a direct relationship exists between these two data points, but still; the shape matches.


My ketones were also up again. To a 1.4 m/mol. Again, there is a correction in ketone levels, but this time to my sleep. If these strips were not so expensive, I’d happy do a blood test on the hour every hour, but it would cost about £16 - £17 a day, assuming that I was awake for 8 - 9 hours.


Last week in my micro-workouts that I’ve been doing when I visited the toilet I was doing press-ups. Rather amazingly, I managed to sneak in a total of 116 reps.


I skipped Thursday as I was in our Edinburgh office and the toilets are GRIM. There was no way I was putting my hands on that floor. Next time I will crack them out, when I return to the room. I am sure Malcolm would not have minded. He’ll probably join in.

This week, in my bonus exercises I am doing planks. So far, I have racked up 4mins and 14 seconds.


For any readers whose only experience of work toilets is nasty, filthy places, I can assure you that the toilets in The Core, are for the most part, very clean.

Except for the times that odd human exercises their right to do a UDP and “Fire and Forget”.