Sunday 13 January 2019

Day 48 - Done

I’m going to run tomorrow. I think I pulled something on Friday when I last ran. Whatever it is seems to have died down. If it is a problem, I am sure it will rear it’s head tomorrow morning.

Food today was pleasurable. I’ve been craving coleslaw for a week or two.


Weight was down again. This has been fairly smooth this week. Django woke me up this morning, so I got just over eight hours. I was ready to get up in any case.


Ketones were low at 0.8. To be honest, I am struggling to find a pattern with these levels. I shall continue to capture data and let that be by light in the dark.


I listened to the first part of Frankie Boyle’s Prometheus and about 30 minutes of the second part. I’m not sure if it part of his act, but he sure does seem paranoid about getting bumped off by the secret services. I am excited to complete the rest.

I do wish four week working days were a thing. It seems like I just find my stride and it’s time to pack for the start of the week. At least I have a very awesome job.