Saturday 12 January 2019

Day 47 - done

Today was a rest day. All weekends are. That’s what they are made for, resting.

My weight dipped under 94kg again today, and that’s a positive sign that I’m back in the game again. Curiously this was another big swing and it correlates with a bumper night of sleep. Correlation is not causation, but still. It does appear there is something going on with sleep and weight. Though this is the first time that a long sleep has caused a weight loss.


I am a bit over on my calories, but that’s fine because a) it is a saturday and b) it’s 60 calories. The original version of the burgers looked like an extra 125g patty with 140g of avocado chips. As much as I wanted that, it would have put me over. No extras for current Jamie because Future Jamie forbid it.

I wanted to taste one of Jo’s chips also so I did. I decided to spit it out rather than swallow and that’s when I realised how simple it would be to fall into an eating disorder. Never again. Like that Ouzo in September 2008, never again. Dark cloud vibes on the horizon so just no. Nope.


I have also added a new part to my spreadsheet for tracking - a sparkline graph of each meal.


I’ve added this because I realised I may have been getting a little slack on the macros of specific meals. After a few very high (at least for me) readings on ketones this week I had a realisation. The days totals may have been adding up to a specific ratio, but sometimes the meals themselves were not in the right macro ratio. So to give me a visual aide when planning I have added the sparklines.

I would have preferred to have three colours in the sparkline, but the configuration only allows you to have two. This super sucks when the middle value (carbs) is zero, because you cannot distinguish between the values. The hack is to put 1g of white rice into the planning of the meal and that gives a nice one pixel line. That should not happen too often though, after all, how many meals have zero carbohydrates in them?

Ketones were also at 1.0 when I measured them. I really wish I could test hourly for this stuff, but the strips are so cocking expensive. £25 for 25 give or take a few quid. I’m sure there is a reason, especially when you can get 50 glucose test strips for a £5.


It’s a conspiracy. It has to be. The lizard people. It’s the only explanation.