Friday 11 January 2019

Day 46 - Done

Today I met my own base standard for press – 40kg × 10. The barbell stuff this week has felt rushed (because it has been) and so I think I will make some adjustments to the programming I have made for myself for the next week. I really need to be at my desk no later than 9 am and ideally 8:45 am. The problem is that I have about an 1.25 hour commute and I would struggle to leave at 7:30 as that is typically when I finish training. This has “weekend problem” written all over it. I am sure I will solve this over the weekend now that I know how long everything actually takes.

My food today was all precise and nice. As much as whey and coconut oil is not the most exciting thing in the world, it really does make hitting macros easy. I am going to have to focus on the veggies in my evening meals to compensate for the “functional food” during the day.


Ketone levels were lower today. I suspect this was because I forgot to take the readings before I ate. I ended up taking them 20 minutes after dinner. The trend is heading in the right direction.


I did find waking up this morning super hard, even though I had 9 hours and 5 minutes of sleep! Weight was marginally down.


Running was super hard this morning and it shows in the pace.

I always enjoy training the press and that was a real highlight. Just getting 40kg for ten reps made my day. I love how the press feels. It is the one exercise I can really feel and I think I prefer it when the reps are high.

I am also really liking the five minutes of meditation at the end of my training. It’s really nice to finish off like that. It is not something I have done before as the last time I was training, I had not discovered meditation.

I’m also really digging how much data gets logged into the apple health app. I just wish there was a nicer way to get the data out or chart everything. Watching the dashboard for the day is a nice little ephemeral daily trophy case.


Sleep time. Way past my bed time.