Thursday 10 January 2019

Day 45 - Done.

I knew there would be days that would have to alter due to work commitments and today was one of those days. I had to be in our Edinburgh office for the day. I did not train and configured today as a rest day.

My food was pretty spot on, especially considering I left half of it at home and lacked a concrete plan for my dinner. I managed to ad-lib when I got home and added 100g of chicken to some leftover chicken soup I made for Jo and grilled some cheese on a halved avocado.


I also finally got round to charting and logging my sleep data from Apple health (I manually copied it because life is too short to knob around with installing lxml). Because I also have my ketone data and my weight data I was able to cross-reference them against each other. Here is weight and sleep. You can see that some periods of long sleep typically correlates with an increase of weight. What you cannot see though is that there is also a correlation with the Christmas food that caused that 96kg spike. That probably also flooded my cells with fresh glycogen and water retention due to the increased salt I’m having as part of this keto experiment.


My ketones today were at 2.0 m/mol and I also charted them against my weight.


I wish I had more ketone data, but each test is £1 and so I am limiting myself to one per day. I am not surprised to see that the highest ketone readings are happening now as I am training.

I do have to be up at 5:30 tomorrow, so I’m nipping this post in the bud.

Good night sweet readers.