Tuesday 8 January 2019

Day 43 - Done

Last night I managed 8h and 20mins of sleep. I aim to get 9 in tonight. Sleep is a good thing.

On the food front, the Belly pork was wearing a little thin today. I think I will give it a miss for a few weeks. I will double down on avocado, coconut oil, whey and pork scratchings.


My weight was down a little bit today, the trend still pointing up but that will alter in time.


Ketone levels are up to 1.3, which is the highest they’ve been since December


Circuit training was hard this morning. I really didn’t want to do the circuits, but I persevered. I’\ve designed the circuit to be very simple. 1 pull-up, 10 KB swings, 3 press-ups and 5 KB snatches on each side. I’m doing two-minute rounds. I plan to keep this format and manipulate the variables once my meat starts getting back in shape.

After that, it was the barbell work. I enjoy the barbell work.

I’ve also been doing a thing. Call it a bonus thing and I nabbed it from the David Goggins book. He suggests that everytime you walk through a door, you crack out some press-ups. What I’ve been doing is cracking out five press-ups every time I went to the toilet. And yes, I wash my hands each time.

I also managed to get a five-minute meditation in at the end of my workout. I liked that. I will repeat that.