Monday 7 January 2019

Day 42 - The Answer to life.

My legs were nice and fresh for this morning and it showed. Everything was faster, granted not by very much but it was faster.

My nutrition was a little out and I’ve too much protein, but nothing to get too upset about. I should watch that though. Not sure why I took 50g of whey, it should have been 30g.


I’m a little surprised by my ketone reading. It was the first reading since before Christmas and it is clear my body is not giving this up easily. A measly 0.4mm. I have ordered more strips and I will take one reading per day from here on out now that I am back into the swing of things.


This is why I wanted to add 100 days onto the length of this little quest of mine, so I can find out what works for me. I know as the training ramps up, my body will have little choice but to start doing what I want it to - using its fat stores.

One thing I’ve not mentioned a lot of is sleep. I take sleep seriously, especially after reading Why We Sleep. I’m attempting to get in a solid 8 to 9 hours per night. Given that I have one and a quarter hour commute to work, and that I start at 9 am, and that I need to get in 1.5 hours of training per morning along with 30 mins to get showered and changed and 15 mins to wake up each day, means that I am looking at a 5:30 am alarm clock. If I want that sleep, it means being in bed at 8:30 pm. I get home from work at about 7 pm, so this routine is going to be a pretty fine line to tread. I’m sure I can do it though.

My weight is still trending upwards, but I am not that bothered by this fact, as I am sure my body is still fighting to hold onto glycogen and water. Once that goes and I’m back into ketosis I’m sure that will trend down again.


It’s 7:30 pm and I have to cook dinner, eat and clean up. So if I want those 9 hours, I best be wrapping this up.