Friday 4 January 2019

Day 39 - Done

The weight training has kicked in - the hunger is here and so food was a challenge today. I have been super ravenous.


I did go for a run this morning as my calves were just about usable again. My pace is still super slow. Note to self: you do not like being hot, so just run in shorts, you will soon warm up.

The DOMs in the rest of my body has also subsided a bit and I was able to get in the garage and crack out the squats and bench parts of this weeks “baseline”. I know I will get my numbers back up, but I have lost about half of my squat power and about the same on my bench.

Walking is fun. My quads are all shakey and my calves are tight. I am doing this weird thing with my arms to compensate. I should record that. You’d lol.

Note to self number two:  use it, or lose it.