Tuesday 1 January 2019

Day 36 - Done


I had a sub-standard night of sleep after the pizza yesterday evening. For some reason, whenever I eat pizza, I get my temperature spikes in the early hours while asleep and it nearly always wakes me up. Last night was no different. I went to bed at midnight1 and woke up roasting hot at 6:30 am. I attempted to deny my awakening for 30 minutes and then eventually got up at 7:00 am and headed out for my run.


It would have been easy to not go for a run this morning as my calves were like bricks from yesterdays run. However, I knew that I said I would run today, so I ran today. I was one minute faster than yesterday which is surprising saying as I was nice and fresh yesterday.

I will run again tomorrow.


I have DOMs pretty much everywhere. I love the DOMs. That did not stop me from getting into the garage after the run and starting the long road to getting to an acceptable level of press ups and pull ups. I cracked out the following.

  1. paralet press-ups: 8, 9, 5.
  2. pull-ups: 1 × full pull up, 5 × pull from the ground and “foot on a bench” to get me past the sticking point, 5 × negatives.

Pull-ups are one area that I want to fix. I want to be able to crank out three sets of five without any shenanigans.

Tomorrow morning, I will establish some baselines for starting a 5/3/1 program next Monday.


I weighed in at 96kg this morning, which is a sign that my body has soaked up a tonne of water. I was feeling pretty bloated after the pizza, so skipped breakfast and lunch and fasted until dinner.

My macros were spot on. I know the calories are way under, but I did not feel in the slightest bit hungry today after that pizza. I concede I probably will miss that protein in recovery as my DOMs are insane right now. Especially in my calves, lats and delts.



I’ve made a lot of headway with the new version of my website. Blogging every day for the last 36 days has given me some insight into how to structure the content on the new version of my site. It is very likely; I will archive all of my old posts and instead of having a generic “one blog fits all” approach to my content I want to organise the content into certain categories and structures.

  1. Recipes. I like cooking and nutrition, and I want to share some of this with the world. Cooking (and cleaning up after) is pretty easy once you master a few basic ideas.

  2. Training. I dislike the waffling I do in these posts, but I said I would do them for a period of 134 2 days. The whole point of these posts is to show that I have done what I said I would do. A graphical solution is going to be more fun to design, take less time to check off each day and be a more engaging experience.

  3. Professional. I’m not doing this just for my personal life. Since the GDPR has come in and Google has started removing personal information from search engines, I have disappeared from the rankings. Thanks to my role at SoPost I’m learning a tonne of things that I never post about - ISO27K compliance projects, hiring, staff development, training, managing every bit of technology in a rapidly expanding company to name just a few. I need to have a section of my site dedicated to putting this side of me forward. Plus, the other Jamie Curle (the lawyer) is now crushing me in the search engine rankings and I am now playing catch up after at least a decade of having little no competition on that front.

  4. Being a well rounded human being. I’m continually investing in myself and my approach to life. I’ve tackled multiple issues in my life, some internal and some external. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned with the world on the off chance it could help make someone’s solutions clearer or a reduce them to a point where they feel they could tackle them. I want to hang this all of a visual timeline.

  5. Books. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and read as many as I can fit in. I want to maintain a list of the books that I have found helpful so that I can point people who ask me about stuff a de-facto list instead of hunting for links on a case by case basis.

Note: I write these daily posts before I go to bed, and that has been taking up more time than I (and Jo) likes. So today I have tried writing as much as I could throughout the day. As it turns out, I’ve just rambled on. Oh well, call it a New Year Reflection.

  1. We finished our planned Christmas Supernatural S12 & S13 binge of 46 × 40-minute episodes. It was epic.  

  2. It was supposed to be 100 days, but I decided at day day 34 to start the 100 days again.