Monday 31 December 2018

Day 35 - Done.

This morning I brushed off my old running shoes and got in a 2.6 mile run. I didn’t think I would get that far. I had planned to run until I was tired walk for 45 seconds and rinse and repeat. I had the David Goggins book on whilst I was running. I’d already finished it before Christmas so I thought that I would start it again. It’s not about motivation with his book, it’s about dedication and Goggins makes that point abundantly clear. Right at the point I was starting to get tired and was considering stopping he said this.

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.”
David Goggins

It’s like he was trolling me, so I ran the whole way. Granted that 11:30 miles are not going to win me any medals, but I’ll happily take that as it was my first time running in more than three years.

As soon as I returned from the run, I went into the garage and I cracked out the following.

  1. Deadlifts : 40kg × 9, 50kg × 9, 70kg × 9
  2. Hang Clean & Press : 40kg × 5, 40kg × 5, 40kg × 5

After this I was at the hour mark and that’s about how much time I have work with once I get back to work, so anything I do this week has to fit around this time constraint. I think my rough sketch at programming was a little optimistic so I am going to dial that back in a bit. I will more than likley fall back to my old faithful - 5/3/1 as the barbell work and for the accessory work, I will keep the focus on body weight. Because I really suck at bodyweight.