Sunday 30 December 2018

Day 34 - Done

Today, along with Jo, I went through every single transaction from our current account and credit card statements last year so that we could get a solid budget in place for the next year. Riveting stuff, I hear you say. Ok, it is not everyones cup of tea, and in years gone by it was not typically what I would have been doing over Christmas. However, having a budget for your household is one of those things that everyone agrees is a good idea but very few people do it. The same can be said for the food you eat.

Today is the 34th day that I’ve been doing this, but I am tempted to extend this to a 134 day thing. The reason is that tomorrow I start training and it seems like a nice point to start the 10 day clock ticking. If I did, that would make the end of this little keto adventure the 9th of April. I’d like to see what 100 days of training and keto can do to my body composition.

My food today was good. I am getting a thing for fried avocado.


Tomorrow I start training. As I said last night, I’m going to start off with a one hour session for the first week. 30 mins running and then some barbell and body weight work. The weights and body weight stuff I have structured so that I can get through the killer doms as soon as possible.

  • MONDAY: Deadlifts, hang cleans, planks, ab-wheel
  • TUESDAY: Presses, Incline dumbell presses, paralet pressups, chin-ups
  • WEDNESDAY: Squats, power cleans, planks, ab-wheel
  • THURSDAY: Bench, snatch deadlifts, paralet pressups, chin-ups
  • FRIDAY: Squats, power cleans, planks, ab-wheel

I’ve not lifted in over two years so I have no idea what the actual load on the barbell will be but I’m going to aim for 3 sets of 8 - 10 reps and keep the rest down to 1 minute 30. If I am to correctly embed this training into my life over the next year I need to make sure I can get in and get my work done. I’m training for athletic pursuits this time, not numbers.