Friday 28 December 2018

Day 32 - reasonable

Today’s macros were not perfect but they were not as bad as they could have been.

The plan was that we were supposed to go to Rileys Fish Shack for a surprise dinner with my Sister and her husband for her impending 40th birthday. We got there and joined the queue, After one hour we’d hardly moved and there was still a large queue ahead of us, so we bailed and went to Lola Jeans. I opted for a burger (bun in a burger with bacon, cheese and chorizo) and no fries. Jo could not finish her fries, so I had a few.


So I ended up heavier on carbs and protein, but it could have been a lot worse.

I am finding that being at home and not at work makes it harder to stay focused because relaxing and because of that the mind wanders. Typically onto food. I am on holiday next week and I do not actually return to work until the 7th however, I’m going to start acting like I am back at work as of the 2nd. This should give me time to find a rhythm that I can keep with training before work.

I’ve also been using the time over Christmas to work on new version of my website. This is the version that “brings back design” and will allow me to once again be very specific about content. The versions of this website that I have been using for the last four years have been super simply blog engines and I’ve had enough of that. I have skills and I’m putting them to use. Here’s a sneak preview of the design.