Wednesday 19 December 2018

Day 23 - Done

If I talked about my food first I’d be doing David Goggins some serious dissing. I’ve just finished his book “Can’t Hurt Me” and as far as I am concerned, his lessons should be taught to everyone in junior school, senior school and into adulthood. Every single person on planet earth can get something out of this book. Everyone. Full stop. Twice in this book I’ve screamed out loud with only the kind of scream you get at the end of Rocky 1.

I’m not a great person for fate. As a sceptic, I find it hard to believe the path of our lives are pre-defined and our choices are nothing but passive travellers on a fixed wind. As a romantic, I want to believe our life has a purpose and a path that leads to full self-actualisation. The truth is probably somewhere in between. I mean as a teenager I wanted afro-hair as I dreamed of having dreadlocks. No amount of hard work is going to deliver that wish. But there are other things that have been dwelling inside of me and long lingering to come out. For one, I want to get really good at stand up comedy and maybe even have a crack at acting. I bet you never knew that about me. I’ve basically held off doing it. Why? Plain fear. Stupid plain fear. That’s something I’ve got to step up to. And I plan to.

Whatever you think about fate, a chance podcast selection led to the acquisition of his book and I have never felt so driven to consume every word of a book. Perfect timing in my estimation; it arrived in front of me I read it and now I’m accountable for everything. Nice. Or not nice, because life is going to get pretty uncomfortable for me.

Anyway, I am on Day 23 of 100 of this. Christmas is coming up and whilst I have no intention of eating like fat fuck (that side of me is dead, I gave it a funeral, I will share that at some point in the future) I am having Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day to eat carbs and come off keto for a few days. After that, I have a few days in February (birthdays and wedding anniversary) and with the exception of those days I am focused on the 100 days.

Once you hit a rhythm it really is just a case of knocking the same day out over and over again. It’s odd how quickly they add up. I’m not suggesting what I’ve been doing is on any level equal with David Goggins, but the approach is. Choose to do something, make yourself accountable for doing it and crack the fuck on. And now I’ve cracked on 23 times. My trousers are looser, my face is not bloated and I’m eating better food than I ever have before. I’m excited for the training to begin as everything is a little bit too comfortable right now.

From a macro perspective, today I was bang on my calories. Obviously, a spreadsheet is not reality and my actual calories would be different, but I was bang on 1987 calories.


I also took a ketone reading today and I was 1.2 so whilst I am not up there in the high two or threes, I am back in a mild state of ketosis again.