Tuesday 18 December 2018

Day 22 - Done

My lunch was delightful. Macros acceptable.

Dinner was a nice experiment, but bone broth with eggs, mushrooms and bean sprouts is a bit of a cock on.

You may notice, I’m constantly undershooting on the protein side of things. This is intentional and when I start weight training again in January, I will get the protein levels back to 20% on non-weight days and 35% on weight days.


I am almost through with “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. I’m going to follow the challenges it contains, one at a time. Whilst I am not training for ultra-marathons or to pass training in some clandestine odd-ball part of the armed forces, I do have some pretty big battles to engage in next year (all work related) and I need to take every advantage that I can find.

Even if you read the book and missed every single one of it’s not-so-subtle jumping off points for toughening your mind to supercharge your own potential, It’s a particularly helpful manual for managing training and work.