Sunday 16 December 2018

Day 20 - Done

I never actually considered how many vegetables I’d eat doing this kind of diet. In the last 30 hours I’ve devoured choi sum, bean sprouts spring onions, ginger (I know it’s a rhizome, but still), radishes and celeriac. For me, this is unheard of. Long may it live also as I am getting a taste for things that previously didn’t do anything for me.

I made truffles today from heavy cream to see me through the day in terms of snacks. The fat bombs last week were OK, but they were hard to eat. I put too much salt in them. As far as I am concerned salt in chocolate is as odd as fruit on a pizza. I probably ate more than I should have when I was making the truffles, so I adjusted for it in my macros.

Also, next time I make them I will remember to use grease-proof paper rather than paper cupcake holders. The paper holders eventually became damp and I had to emergency remove everything. That cost me about 10% of my total. And I will also remember to cover them in chocolate. I thought I could do away with that step, but now I see why that step is important - it is the shell.

I didn’t take any ketone measurements today.