Friday 14 December 2018

Day 18 - Done

My sleep these last few nights has been less than ideal. Five hours on Wednesday and five hours last nights. As I write this my sleep pressure is through the roof.

Yesterday was SoPosts’ Christmas party and it was epic. It was a planned day of carbohydrates so I allowed myself to indulge in whatever portions were served to me. I didn’t feel the urge to binge on food that was going spare. A previous version of me would have hoovered that up. Not this version. It was not a battle of will either. Just like I learned with the Alan Carr methodology for giving up smoking, I reinforced to myself that I no longer needed to binge on food.

Anyway, back to today. Calories were probably a little too low, but the macros were spot on. I’m not too bothered about a low-calorie day; I’m trying to lose mass.


I’m also a little further into “Can’t hurt me” audiobook by David Goggins. Depending on how you view it is either a treat or torture. It’s not a motivational book, it’s a book about developing mental toughness and the format of the audiobook is outstanding. Sections are interspersed with a discussion between the author and the editor and the author lays out ten challenges to the reader to develop their own mental toughness. It’s not easy, it’s hard.