Sunday 9 December 2018

DAY 13 - Done

Day 13 is done.

Food has been prepped for the next two days. Today was a day much more focused around fats and not protein, which you can see from the below screenshot.


I’ve taken five readings in the last 24 hours. The ketone strips cost about £0.80p each so they are not exactly cost effective. I have also had three errors so far, so that’s annoying. I am producing ketones but these numbers are quite low and would suggest my body is not going to give up a strong ketogenic response until I start hitting some nails on the head.


In summary, my breath is weird; Jo described it like “sour biscuits”. Nice, she never pulls any punches. So clearly this is all starting to work, I just need to pay more attention to the fats and in particular - plant based fats.

I am getting quite excited to get back into the gym (garage) after Christmas and hopefully the addition of some physical exertion will move things forward a bit.

I am not sure which path to go down for the staff Christmas party. On the one hand, I do not want to ruin a strong streak, but on the other hand, it’s once a year and it has been planned well in advance.