Saturday 8 December 2018

Day 12 - Done

Day 12 is done. I have upped my calories to about 2300 - 2400.

After looking back at the week’s data, I probably have been eating too much in the form of animal fats and this has been keeping my protein high. So for this week my focus is in keeping protein no higher than 20% and ensuring that I am getting the majority of the fats from plant-based sources that are lower in protein. Avocados, coconut oil and nuts.


I finally setup the on-call GK dual blood meter and I’ve started taking ketone readings. The strips are pricey so I am going to take a few readings over the next day to see when is the best time of day and then settle down into a reading once a day until I get a feel for what promotes ketosis and what detracts from a ketosis state.

Here’s a very not-exciting graph. Today I took two readings. The first at 4pm and was showing 0.7m/mol and the second was at 8pm and that showed 1.1m/mol. Humble beginnings.