Monday 16 May 2011

Applying HTML Tags to the world around us.

As part of week 2 in HTML & CSS from the beginning, I’ve asked the students to view the world as HTML. Here’s a few examples of my own. With the exception of the label tag I’ve confined myself to lists, paragraphs and heading tags because that is the focus of the week.

Here we have meat as an ordered list. I’ve decided it was ordered because one piece of meat is laid on top of the other.

Meat as Ordered List

Here is a more familiar example - a chocolate packet. I’ve decided that the company name would be suited to an H1 tag and the product name would be suited to the a H2 tag.

Packet as H1 & H2

Here is a train door from the Metro system that runs through my favourite city - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Train Door label

A paragraph of Thai Basil

Paragraph of Thai Basil

Finally here is how I would mark up people standing at a bus stop. I didn’t have a photo of this so I drew it in the greenhouse.

Bus Stop

I may very well post more, but this should be enough to get you started.