Thursday 6 October 2011

An alternate governance for the uk

We live in a complicated world. War, economy, population, education, medicine, health, environment, technology, business, energy, arts and many more domains are all handled by one government. Once every four years we get to shop for a new brand, but like an advertisement of a product compared to reality; seldom do they match up.

No government can ever make a true change because doing so would take longer than a term in power. It would likely involve unpopular strategies that would cause a sink in the popularity polls. In a change in government it’s always the new one claiming that they’re mopping up the “mess” of the last one.

Why do we continue to allow our country to be ruled in this fashion? It doesn’t work - you only need to look at the how engaged we are in our elections. Ask some 18-30 year olds if they voted. I wager they didn’t vote and don’t care. It’s broken and it needs fixing.

I don’t have an answer, but I have an idea. For all of the domains that our Government manages we should replace each with a guild consisting of experts (who remain in practice) from the domain in question. The guild is assembled from a democratic voting process in which we all have an equal stake.

We break the one government of politicians down and replace them with many guilds of experts who know what they’re doing. I know we’ll never remove the politics from the system, but we can remove the politicians.