Tuesday 4 September 2012

Writing & Presenting.

Back in April I started vimquest and the result was nothing short of amazing. I went from just about being able to edit a config file in VIM to having it replace TextMate as my daily text editor of choice. Questing works.

My next quest focuses on a different domain - writing and presenting. I’ve been blogging for almost three years now and I have (at least in my mind) improved at writing, but I still have trouble communicating my ideas.

In the same three year period I’ve delivered a handful of presentations and talks (most recently I presented at Super Mondays) and I’m confident that the trouble of communicating specific messages also carries over to this medium.

I can entertain people whilst I talk, but this isn’t enough. I want to engage people in the message, which I will only do when I communicate clearly. Whether the medium is oration or prose the ability to communicate an idea is central to this quest.

So over the next month I’m going to be writing a lot of shorter posts on a focused topic with the aim of capturing an idea and communicating it. In my mind I see each of these posts as a ‘brick’. As I get better at creating bricks I’ll try my hand at building a wall, then maybe a garage before finally tackling houses and bigger things.