Monday 16 May 2011

HTML&CSS From the beginning - Week 2

HTML & CSS From the Beginning I should be more organised than this, because I’ve been late in posting this weeks tasks, so if you’re a student and you’re reading this, I apologise. Still, better late than never. ## Anatomy of a Tag So this is week two and I wanted to give the students baptism of fire, so right off the cuff I’ve set a little markup challenge. The internet is full of resources on what a tag is and how it’s structured so I didn’t see much point in covering that. However it is important for the students to get a working knowledge of how to use HTML. With that in mind I’ve set a simple task of taking a [plain text template][1] and turning it into valid markup. [Last week][2] one of the tasks was to memorise a “Hello World” document so this task will draw from that and also get them to deal with a few questions that should get leave them feeling more confident about choosing the “right tag for the content”. The template is full of hints ;) This is one of the tasks that I’m taking a leap of faith on because I’m relying on the students to discover the anatomy side of things by trial and error using the W3C markup validator. ## World As Tags The second task is that the students create a blog post containing images or drawings of their perceptions of the world around them if they had to mark it up. To get them started I created blog post with some of [my ideas on the world as markup][3] and I limited myself to the tags that I’ve used this week - headings, paragraphs and lists. I do like the list of meat. ## Final Projects Each student will produce something by the end of the course. What that is depends on each student and what they want to create ( an attempt at differentiation ) it isn’t important to decide now, but I’ve asked them to start thinking about it now. We’ll firm it up and start building it in three weeks. ## Reading This week I’ve asked the students to read [HTML5: how did we get here?][4] by Mark Pilgrim, [Tags, Attributes, and Elements][5] by and also to start sharing the links with each other via IRC and each others blogs. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: